Saida Mall

Saida Mall is a leading shopping center in one of Lebanon’s main cities, Saida. It offers a wide range of stores featuring men, women and children fashion wear and accessories. Saida mall proposes as well a unique mix of restaurants and cafes suiting all tastes. A unique movie experience awaits audience in the newly introduced Grand Cinema movie theater

If you're looking for a destination that will bring more life to your life, then you've just found it.
Saida Mall with its variety and choice, brings an exciting new dynamic to your lifestyle in the city. From family outings to shopping sprees and from coffee breaks to days out with friends, Saida Mall is a place with everything you could ask for.

A unique location, Saida Mall welcomes its visitors in an open and fresh environment. Designed to combine the comfort of indoor shopping and entertainment with the beauty of the city's natural surroundings, Saida Mall is more than just a mall - It's your everyday destination.

Find your favorite international fashion brands all under one roof at Saida Mall. With a wide range of stores offering men's, women's and children's wear to shoes and accessories and beyond, you're bound to find what you're looking for, in the budget you're looking for.

But Saida Mall isn't just about shopping - you'll discover a whole new dimension to entertainment and socializing on every one of its corners. With a unique mix of restaurants & cafes, Saida Mall is also home to a great selection of restaurants and entertainment venues ready to welcome you every day of the week.

You'll also be happy to hear that, with the opening of 5 Grand Cinema screens at Saida Mall, you can enjoy the beauty of movie magic at Saida's first cinema complex offering you all the latest and greatest movie releases.

Come meet us at Saida Mall, where life comes alive every day.


Designed by the architect Dany Daoud, it's the details that make Saida Mall a special place.
Saida Mall is a modern day interpretation of Saida's traditional old souks. It combines the
comfort of indoor shopping with the beauty of the outdoor environment to create an experience that IS both pleasurable and convenient. By overlapping the interior space with open air ones
that connect. the Mall's design recalls Saida's old souks with a shading structure that protects
visitors from the sun and rain. Every walkway leads to main piazza in the center, which in turn
becomes a place for everyone to meet and socialize. while also bringing the entire mall into

Even the materials used in building the mall have a touch of old Saida to them. The sandy yellow stone is reminiscent of the old souks while the white canvas that covers the walk ways are a nod to the sails of the ships that dock at Saida's historic port.

Saida Mall has been built with you and the city in mind. By combining the beauty of Saida with the convenience of structure, you now have the ideal destination for your lifestyle needs.